Web & Mobile Application Consulting

Get a 24/7 presence on the most versatile marketing option available today.

Web Design and Hosting

At Divine Awakening we specialize in consulting, website design and creativity preparation for Spiritual and Psychic healers that attract new clients for Your Practice

Divine web design and hosting

We create and implement website design and hosting for trainers, practitioners, life coaches, therapists, holistic healers and center owners/ promoters. We provide a responsive website. It can be viewed in the same design on desktop or mobile device without any difference in the design.

You can view some of our sample sites for your reference:

Mobile Application for Healers

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We create apps compatible with Android, iOS and Windows mobiles.

The next step in developing your client base is to get into their mobile phones. Develop a customized app to your deliveries and make the most of your practice and sharing.

Get a 24/7 presence on the most versatile marketing option available today. Do not be conventional, be with the new generation and promote yourself where they hangout.

Dont wait, Get your customized mobile app today! Someone is already ahead of you.

Why do you require online presence?

Promote your practice among the web users.
Statistics have shown the maximum growth of internet users in India since 2007 at a staggering rate of 14%. The current users, as per statistics, are estimated at 300 million users. The estimated users online is expected to rise to 600 million users by 2023. Be prepared for such a surge of potential clients.

Engage your clients
You can easily engage your clients with your content. You can overcome geographic distance to cater to a wide range of audience and enable a growth in your client base.

Sign up for Newsletters
Newsletters are easy mode of sharing information of your practice, workshop and events you conduct on a weekly/ monthly cycles. It is easy for the client to understand your sharing and also help share your practice with friends and family, thereby promoting you as a practitioner/therapist/healer.