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The recognition of yourself, is Divine Awakening

About The Company

As the name suggests, Divine Awakening, is created to help us understand our role in the journey of life. While we may choose a career, a family, a friend or an enemy, we have to realize the purpose of our life here on earth

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While the need of the materialistic needs are required for the managing of our lives, there is very little happiness we truly achieve from this. The other side is vacant and awaiting your presence.

Divine Awakening, is the place that you will learn to discover yourself from the healers and therapists who are associated with us. We are here to make your life better in all the circles of happiness and joy. You will be introduced to the soul that has been asleep for a long time, and needs to be guided into your conscious mind.

With the healers in our domain, you will be among the few who are privileged to be a part of the soul awakening that has already begun in the world. The recognition of yourself, is Divine Awakening.

Welcome to Divine Awakening!


Motivate people to Spirituality with the help of traditional learnings & modern science


Awakening the consciousness of individuals to their soul journey